Monster Wave Studios

My name is Steve Borowick and I'm a user experience designer that helps businesses
large and small create unique experiences for the web and applications.
Check out my design process and portfolio below

Design Process

I create unique user experiences for people with a design process that is efficient and exploratory. It's done quietly with research and collaboratively with whiteboarding, sketching, workshops and design sessions. I try to take roads people never knew existed that lead to answers people never thought were possible. It could be using a behavior economics concept to push people to make better decisions or a design execution that allows them to discover the answers on their own. I try to explore the unexplored within design.


Design Skills


My Work

This is a mix of user experience work done that were clients of Monster Wave Studios, consulting for The Big Studio (Cambridge Innovation Center), Fidelity Investments, CAST (Center for Applied Special Technologies), and Laddawn.